Guidelines For Cash Deposit Machine 

Follow the below steps to deposit the Cash in CDM (Cash Deposit Machine)

First step: Touch the screen

Step 2: Select your language

Step 3: Select the currency type

Step 4: Type your account number

Step 5: Wait!!! Validating account will take few moments

Step 6: Information of account will come to the screen

Step 7: Information of cash limit and which notes are not acceptable  

Step 8: Deposit your cash one by one

Step 9: Left side for AFN and right side for USD (Cash acceptor will come green for selected currency)

Step 10: Total of deposited cash will show on the screen

Step 11: All successful transactions are immediately credited and customer will receive confirming slip of the transaction.

Exception: If a customer received confirmation of Un-successful transaction he/she should wait till end of working hours.

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