Alternate Delivery Channel Department (ADC)

Alternate Delivery Channel Department (ADC) is a key department that supports the bank in reaching to its potential customers, through channels and methods for providing banking services directly to the customers outside the branch by using ATM, M-Commerce, IVR, Internet Banking, Agency Banking and Mobile Banking, ADC has proven its ability to meet consumer’s expectations by ensuring accuracy, convenience, and timeliness in service 24/7 to valued customers, the evolution of Alternate Delivery Channels has changed the dynamics of the branch network, the traditional branch services have been converted in to electronic services which is being delivered by ADC and this department meet organizational objectives towards satisfying the customers more effectively and efficiently than competitors and help organization effectively by making brand building of an organization.

The department is headed by Mr. Bhushan Chougule, an Indian national having B.Com, BBA, DME(Diploma in Mechanical Engineering) and Certified ITIL® . Worked with  IDBI Intech Ltd , NEC India Ltd, NCR Corporation, Diebold India, and Vortex Engineering Ltd. Specializes in Alternate banking channels including ATM, Internet/Mobile banking, Card Management, Biometric Implementation and E-Commerce. Involved in Switch Migration of Bank. His major projects included installation of 1000+ ATM’s under MOF(Ministry of Finance, GOI) project for IDBI Bank , EMV (Chip) card issuance, Mobile Banking implementation and Financial Inclusion initiatives. Having rich 10 Yrs. experience in Alternate Delivery Channels related technologies and implementation. He is working with Azizi Bank since September 2016 as Head- Delivery Channels and looking after all ATMs & Card Management Products.

For more details on the department, please contact Mr. Bhushan Chougule @ or mobile @ +93 797999940

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