Dear Valued Customers,

In accordance with new guidelines issued by Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) under section 6, article 12 of AML/CFT law and circular No. 3201 dated 02.06.1395 of FINTRACA regarding transactions processed on behalf of customers, all customers are required to submit supporting documents relating to the source of fund for cash deposits in individual / legal entity accounts beyond AFN 500,000/- or USD 7,500/- or EUR 7,000/- and or GBP 6,000/-.

A source of fund document may be any one of the following:

1. Property rent document

2. Business License copy (for Individual Accounts only)

3. Employment agreement / certified Employer letter

4. Any business agreement / deal documents

5. Any shares documents / dividend / interest / any benefit documents / Share transfer document

6. Any Letter specifying the date, amount and purpose of payment

7. Any Invoice copy / sell documents / Merchandising trade documents

8. Any agreement or letter between 2 persons for a business deal

9. Sale of physical products / and or rendering any service

10. An email copy for a regular payment or cash payment between customer and a third party

11. Another Bank’s withdrawal slip / voucher copy / statement of accounts

12. Pension statement

13. Donation / charities / grant / advances / from any bona fide institution / individual

14. Receipt of insurance benefit of any nature

15. Sponsorship document

16. Any other proof document for the source of fund

Important Note:

While submitting any supporting document to the bank, same should be ensured to be genuine, correct and best of your knowledge since all such documents will be verified as per the applicable Laws and Regulations of the Central Bank.

If required and found that documents submitted are not genuine or having doubt, Azizi Bank may refer to the concerned Law Enforcement Agency and bank will have no liability for any future consequence.


 With Kind Regards

Azizi Bank

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