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Azizi Bank

The Bank You Can Trust

 Our Vision

To become the Best Quality Bank in Afghanistan & to evolve into a Bank that will be

  • Professionally Managed, Techno Savvy, Strong & following International Best Practices.
  • Extending world class & cost effective services & Contributing to the national economy by providing modern banking
  • Products & services in the country that spur national and individual growth.
  • Adding value to all the stakeholders in the Bank and specifically promoting Afghan talent and skills. 

 Our Mission

  • To provide excellent professional services and financial products using latest technology to meet customer needs.
  • To utilize and maintain committed and motivated national human resources.
  • To fulfill corporate and social responsibilities towards all stake holders: Customers, Staff, and Shareholders.

 The New Star on the Horizon

Azizi Bank has pursued a differentiated branding strategy in line with its objective of becoming the Best Quality Bank in Afghanistan. The foundation of this strategy lies in the commitment, which underlines the twin ethos of service and trust and the promise to deliver a truly delightful and unprecedented Banking experience to all customers.

A Product of Afghan Vision and Enterprise

Azizi Bank was established in Afghanistan in the year 2006 by an ethnic business group and it can be surely called a creation of Afghan vision & enterprise. The bank started its operation on 13th June 2006. Today Azizi Bank is the largest commercial bank in the country as a group. The bank is presently the market leader in the country in terms of absolute business, percentage share and network.

The promoters were committed to build a sound financial institution and with a view to offer the utmost safety to the bank’s customers & world class technology oriented customer service, set up the bank with an initial paid-up capital of USD 7.5 Mio that was 150% of the Central Bank stipulated minimum of USD 5 Mio. Now the capital of the bank is USD 80 Mio as on December 31st 2016.

The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of the bank as on 31st December 2016 is 29.51% which portrays the bank’s strong financial position and inherent strength. Total Deposits as on 31st December 2016 is USD 406 Mio (27.10 Bio AFN) & Advances as on 31st December 2016 is USD 110 Mio (7.30 Bio AFN). Net Profit of the Bank as on 31st December 2016 is USD 3.25 Hundred Thousand (21.70 Mio AFN). Net Interest Margin (NIM) as on 31st December 2016 is 4.06%

Azizi Bank is the highest lender in the country, contributing to almost 33% of loan disbursed in the economy. Azizi Bank has taken leadership in loan provisioning to all the important segments of the economy and is playing a vital role in the reconstruction of the country not only to the business men for commercial activities but also to the entrepreneurs for erection of the mega infrastructure projects in the country including power sector, road construction and establishment of industrial plants. The Bank has an aggressive policy for Financial Inclusion.

Azizi Bank management is a young & qualified team aiming at transforming banking scenario in the country into a truly professional and pleasurable experience to its customers. The Bank has a strong Corporate Governance structure comprising of the Management Board, Board of Supervisors and an Independent Audit, Compliance & Risk Committee which gives strength and confidence to all stakeholders including the public at large. There is a strong regulatory framework and compliance culture in the Bank, leading to a good corporate governance practice and a true professional environment. The bank employs more than 1500 employees with around 14% female work force, playing a vital role in the development of the nation and also women empowerment.

In the year 2009, Azizi Bank achieved a milestone in the banking history of Afghanistan by purchasing the Development Bank of Afghanistan from Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan) and have restarted the banking operations with the new name as Islamic Bank of Afghanistan (100% subsidiary of Azizi Bank) with 15 branches from June 21, 2009. Presently, 59 branches of Islamic Bank of Afghanistan are already functional along with 3 extension counters. We are in the process of converting our subsidiary bank into a full-fledged Islamic Bank by Quarter 1of 2018. This will be the first full-fledged Islamic Bank in the country & would contribute a long way to the financial inclusion in the country and would help growth of Islamic banking activity in Afghanistan.

In the year 2014, we acquired another bank – Punjab National Bank, Afghanistan post approval from the Central Bank of Afghanistan and renamed it as Azizi Bank.

Azizi Bank is the only bank in the country to have acquired two full-fledged banks in a decade of its operations.

Azizi Bank as of today have 75 branches & 9 extension counters, thus playing a pioneering role in development of the banking culture in the country. The bank today has 88 ATMs spread across Kabul and the major Provinces of Afghanistan, which are all fully networked under Core Banking-Any Branch Banking and connected to a Centralized Database. By June 2018 the bank is poised to have around 150 ATMs thereby emerging as the clear market leaders on the ATM network in Afghanistan.

With its 100% subsidiary bank, The Islamic Bank of Afghanistan, the group has more than 145 branches and stands as the largest banking network in the Country.

The deposit products (Current Account, Savings Account, and Fixed/Term Deposits) have been designed to encourage the saving habit and offer convenience and reasonable returns. Credit products introduced by the bank takes care of the basic requirements and promote enterprise (Fund-based facilities e.g. Term/Working capital Loans and Non-fund based facilities e.g. Letters of Credit and Financial/Performance Guarantees for Trade and Industry). We have also given bigger loans through syndication and Azizi Bank is the leader of the consortium. Azizi Bank has developed a significant expertise in the trade finance business and has the largest corporate client base in the country.

Azizi Bank has also introduced a novel concept ‘Green Channel’ in branches which facilitate Cash withdrawal using POS devices. It is a quick, convenient and environment friendly method of transacting with no paper usage.

The clientele base of the bank includes the major Ministerial accounts, Government accounts, Embassies, NGOs, Major International & Domestic Corporates and the ultra HNIs & HNIs in addition to the retail segment penetration.

Azizi Bank has recently launched (1) VIP Current Corporate Account, (2) Kids Advantage Savings Account and (3) Senior Citizen Individual Savings Account. The Bank has planned to launch other deposit oriented products this year as part of its retail segment penetration i.e. (1) Institutional Current Account. (2) VIP Current Individual Account (3) Students Savings Account, which are aimed at more customer convenience, benefits and increased customer penetration. The Bank has worked on various strategic tie-ups with premium Hotels & Restaurants, Airlines, Hospitals, Schools and Universities & other service providers to provide discounts to the bank customers thereby creating a “joyful” experience & overall “customer delight”

Azizi Bank has always been the pioneer in path breaking banking technology aiming towards customer delight. We have a special focus on internal controls and operational efficiency and keeping that in view, we are migrating to a world class banking software – Flex Cube. Not only that, the first centralized processing unit by any bank in Afghanistan is poised to be set up by Azizi Bank very shortly. A full-fledged IT Systems Audit is being planned by engaging professional IT Auditors. This exercise will strengthen the IT governance of the bank and mitigate the IT Risk Management. It will also review the IT systems and procedures and improve the IT Operational efficiency of the bank. Our banks trusts in providing international standards of customer service and accessibility and we are moving gradually into the digitalization phase.

Under the Digital banking initiatives, the bank is taking huge leaps. The bank have already launched Credit Card, Pre-Paid Master Card and Master Debit Card. Bank has built an in-house competence to be able to issue Master Debit Cards.

Azizi Bank has started Agent based banking services aiming towards financial inclusion. It is for the first time that a bank in Afghanistan is reaching out to the unbanked strata of society by sending its agents to their door steps. The agents will carry devices that will support full-fledged banking services including account opening and biometric authentication of customers. Bank has also launched the Mobile based banking services in collaboration with local mobile operators.

Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) are already launched. These machines will enable customer to deposit money 24/7 as a self-service channel without visiting the branch.

Bank has plans to start merchant acquiring business by setting up a decent network of Point of Sale (POS) devices across the country. These devices will enable the customers to make retail payments using their cards or biometrics. Bank will also launch Payment Gateway shortly that will allow online shopping possible for the customers using their cards or internet banking.

Azizi Bank has also taken a strong lead in the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by providing aids and financial assistance to local educational institutions which included schools, colleges, universities and NGOs. The Bank provides a platform to the youths from universities to work as interns and learn the practical modern day banking facilities. The bank has also engaged itself with ministries in supporting women empowerment & cultural enhancement. Recently the bank involved itself with the municipality to see a Greener Afghanistan and planted trees across the country.

At Azizi Bank, It is our endeavor to provide with superior service and constantly strive to serve clients better. We realize that different business group require different solutions according to their size, nature and scale of operations.

Azizi Bank’s business philosophy is based on five core values: Operational Excellence, Customer Focus, Product Leadership, People and Sustainability.

Recently, Azizi Bank have been honored with the following international felicitations and achievements.

  • Best Bank-Customer Service, Afghanistan 2016 by International Finance Magazine, London.
  • Best Corporate Governed Bank in Afghanistan 2016 by Quest on the Frontier, Singapore
  • Best Socially Impact Bank in Afghanistan 2016 by Capital Finance International, London
  • Best Private Sector Bank, Afghanistan 2016 by the South Asian Partnership Summit, Sri Lanka-an award specifically aimed at recognizing institutions from the SAARC Countries
  • Best CEO Award by South Asian Partnership Summit, Sri Lanka
  • Best Retail Banking CEO Award, 2016 by International Finance Magazine, London.
  • The first bank from Afghanistan to be interviewed by India Empire- The magazine which connects the political, diplomatic and the business community diaspora of the world from India
  • Industry Leadership Award 2016 by the World Leadership Congress, Mauritius
  • Only Bank from Afghanistan to be invited at the London Stock Exchange for an exclusive interview on the financial, economic & banking reforms in the country.
  • Exclusive Interview of the CEO at the BBC, London studio 2016
  • Best Enterprise Award 2017 by Europe Business Assembly and the Queen Victorian Award for CEO in London 
  • Best Retail Bank in Afghanistan 2017 by the Wealth & Finance Magazine, London 
  • Best Innovated Services 2017 Award by the Indian Empire Diplomatic Magazine, India 
  • Best Corporate Governed Bank 2017 in Afghanistan ( second time in a row) by Quest on the Frontier, Singapore 
  • Promising Young Banker Award for CEO, Azizi Bank by the Asian Banker 2017 
  • Best Enterprise Award & Best initiatives for CSR 2017 by the Euro Money Awards for Excellence 
  • Best Private Sector Bank, Afghanistan 2017 ( second time in a row) by the South Asian Partnership Summit in Bangladesh 
  • The Bank with the highest social media acceptance in the country.
  • Business Excellence Awards 2017 and World Leader Business Person Award 2017 for CEO by the World Confederation of Businesses, Houston, United States of America, Nov 2017.

The bank is also into the following initiatives as part of its improvised strategy & contribution towards the banking growth in the country.

  • Extensive Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives & campaigns.
  • Financial Inclusions programs
  • Capacity Building programs

Azizi Bank is also a member and shareholder of Afghanistan Payment Switch (APS), which is a project of national importance aiming to connect all member banks to ensure inter-operability amongst banks for electronic payments. APS will act as national switch for the country giving impetus to inter-operability, transparency and convenience to its member bank customers.

Local/International remittance facilities are available to account/non-account holders as the bank has multiple correspondent banking network which includes Aktif Bank; Turkey, Axis Bank, China, Bank of India, Punjab National Bank- India, HDFC Bank- India, BMCE Spain and BPSD, Italy. Efforts are made to open other correspondent bank accounts with other leading global banks. Inward/Outward remittance facility is available in various currencies through SWIFT and Western Union. Efforts are made to open remittance facilities with other money transfer agents additionally.

We are hereby committed to make Azizi Bank a one stop shop for all financial need and offer a world class banking services in Afghanistan.

 Islamic Banking

Azizi Bank is starting the first full-fledged Islamic Bank in the country by 2018 through the conversion of its 100% subsidiary bank – as “The Islamic Bank of Afghanistan”. The endeavor would be to include larger proportion of the population (which is around 11% presently) into the banking fraternities with the availability of Sharia based Islamic products and contribute to the financial inclusion program of the country. Azizi Bank will remain as a conventional bank considering its large quantum of international clientele base.


  • Strategic location in central business district & other Provinces.
  • Having its own Head office- five storied state of the art building at a prestigious location in Kabul
  • Network of 75 branches in Kabul (33) & various provinces (42).
  • Network of 58 ATMs across the country and issuance of FREE over the counter ‘INSTA’ Card.
  • Bank is also having 9 extension counters of which 8 are in the provinces.
  • GREEN CHANNEL in branches
  • Unmatched physical infrastructure with ample parking space
  • State-of-the-art security, technology and communication systems
  • Paid-up capital of AFN 5.4 Bn. (USD 80 Mm.) against the Central bank stipulated level of USD 20 Million.
  • Safe and Secure remittance facilities in USD/Euro/GBP/AED/TRY/INR across the globe through SWIFT and Western Union+ Special facility of Indian Rupees transfers.

 Correspondent Network

  • Axis Bank, China.
  • Aktif Bank, Turkey
  • Yinzhou Bank, China
  • BMCE, Spain
  • BPSD, Italy
  • Bank of India, India
  • HDFC Bank, India
  • PNB, India
  • TransKapital Bank Russia 

 Our Auditors

  • KPMG (Prior to 2011)
  • Grant Thornton International Limited (2011-12)
  • Crowe Horwath (2013-2017)

 Products and Services

CBS: Core Banking Solution - Any Branch Banking

  • Savings/ Current in Afghani, USD, Euro & GBP,
  • Term Deposits in Afghani & USD
  • Salary Accounts with “Zero Balance Facility”.
  • Senior Citizen, Minor & VIP Current Accounts (coming soon)
  • Money Exchange /Treasury Services.
  • Collection of Cheques, Instruments, Bills, Documents.
  • Issuance of Pay order / Cash order / Bankers’ Cheque.
  • Local and International (USD/Euro/GBP/RUB//INR) remittance facilities.
  • Fund-based (Term/Working Capital Loans) and Non-fund based facilities e.g. Letters of Credit and Financial/Performance Guarantees for Trade and Industry.
  • Fast and Easy transfer of funds through Western Union Money Transfer Services.
  • Speed Remittance facility to remit in Indian Rupees to any Bank A/C in India.
  • SWIFT Remittance facility.
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile/SMS Banking
  • Push SMS Facility: alert for each transaction
  • ATMs: Free ATM Cards to withdraw cash 24x7
  • Biometric System: Finger Print Recognition for enhanced security
  • Master International Credit Card & Master International Prepaid Card in USD 
  • Master International Debit Card 
  • Mobile Wallet Solutions ( coming soon)
  • M-Commerce ( coming soon)
  • M-Paisa- Powered by Roshan: Mobile Money Transfer
  • Brishna Electricity Bill Collection
  • Point of Sales (PoS) Terminals

Special Features

  • No account opening charges
  • No account maintenance charges
  • Free statement of account
  • Free collection of local cheques
  • Zero Balance Salary Accounts
  • No charges for deposit/ withdrawal of Foreign Currency
  • Nominal Remittances Charges
  • Free ATM Card

 Our motto is not merely customer satisfaction but, "Customer delight"

Address: Head Office & Main Branch, Ankara Square, Main Road, Kabul, Afghanistan.


Websites: |


24 Hours Phone Banking Number: 1515 / +93 701 80 1515 (From Outside Afghanistan)

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Rates & Changes

Rate of Interest on Savings Bank Deposit
Savings Bank Accounts AFN USD EUR GBP
Rate of Interest PA* 1.75% 1.00% 0% 0%

Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposits
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From 3 months to less than 6 months 3.00 2.00 0.00 0.00
From 6 months to less than 12 months 3.25 2.50 0.00 0.00
From 1 year to less than 2 years 3.75 2.75 0.00 0.00
From 2 years to less than 3 years 4.00 3.00 0.00 0.00
From 3 years to 5 years 4.50 3.50 0.00 0.00
* Rates are subject to change

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