Azizi Bank in coordination with the National Blood Bank launched a Blood Donation Campaign at the Bank’s Headquarters in Kabul on 26th April 2017 as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

During the opening ceremony of the campaign, Vice President & Deputy CEO of Azizi Bank – Mr. Abdul Fatah Karimi spoke about the value and importance of blood donation and saving lives as per the perspectives of Islam and humanity and called upon the entire staff of the bank to support the noble cause by donating their blood.

Meanwhile, the Director of Central Hospitals – Dr. Mohammad Salim Rasooli accredited Azizi Bank for organizing the campaign and called upon the government and other private institutions to donate blood to those who are in need. Dr. Rasooli also emphasized that it is medically recommended that every person should donate blood at least twice in a year in order to prevent themselves from various illnesses.

Dr. Enayatullah Hashemi - Director of National Blood Bank warmly welcomed Azizi Bank’s initiatives of launching such an inspiring campaign.

Post the opening ceremony, huge number of bank’s employees gathered in length at the registration counters which led to a sense of motivation for customers as well.

As per the reports from the National Blood Bank, approximately 60, 000 CCs of blood were collected by the time the campaign was over.

It is noteworthy to mention that Azizi Bank is the leading financial institution in Afghanistan and having a concrete plan of corporate social responsibility program aimed at supporting the society at large.


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