Human Resources Department

Mirwais Sherzad - Head of Human Resources Department

Mr. Mirwais Sherzad is a well-recognized and well-qualified broad experienced banker, with eleven years of experience and proficiency in General Banking, Finance and Human Resources Management with Azizi Bank and Bakhtar Bank. He started his career in 2007 in an interim position with Azizi Bank and escalated the ladders of success to very prominent, leadership and senior level positions as such Human Resources Manager and acting Dy. CEO- Bakhtar Bank.

Mr. Sherzad has been a prominent face at Bakhtar Bank which was 100% subsidiary of Azizi Bank for around 2 and half years from Jan-2016 to Apr-2018 as an Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer. During the time he has put all his esteemed efforts to convert Bakhtar bank to the first full fledge Islamic Bank of Afghanistan. He has been monitoring the entire process from very close and he was responsible for supervising, leading, controlling and management of the bank and as well as smooth conversion and migration process toward full fledge Islamic Banking. During that time Mr. Sherzad was engaged with different departments, entities and stakeholders, where besides controlling of all departments, he was mainly responsible for monitoring and supervising entire HR activities from all perspectives.

In the eleven long years of his banking experience Mr. Sherzad has been able to have full command over HRM functions, HRD functions, Corporate Banking, SME banking, Risk Management functions and Best Managerial function. He has been an outstanding individual and has duly performed his role as a manager in HR department where he has excelled in all operational activities related to HR such as recruitment, placement, payroll administration, leave entitlements, staff relations, performance management, grievances and conflict resolution. His roles have for most been key ones in all those positions he has undertaken and for the same reason he has been honored with many achievement awards and certificates from the bank.

Mr. Sherzad has a bachelor degree in Economics from Nangarhar University and an MBA in Banking and Finance from India. In his academic endeavor he has not only completed his regular studies but he has also been certified in Islamic Banking and Finance from NIBAF (National Institute of Banking and Finance) Islamabad, Pakistan.

About the Department

Our focus lies in bringing aboard some of the finest professionals from across the country and provide them with opportunities that match their ability, aspirations and drive. With a clear organization vision and detailed growth strategy, Azizi Bank's workforce is inspired, committed, and thoroughly professional. We believe that the ultimate identity and success of our organization will reside as it always has, in the exceptional quality of our people and their extraordinary efforts. For this reason, we are committed to hiring, developing, motivating and retaining the best talent from our industry.

At Azizi Bank, we are committed to help our employees perform and realize their fullest potential. Our compensation and performance management systems are based on recognizing individual and team contributions as well as rewarding superior performance. Most importantly, at Azizi Bank, everyone has a lot of fun doing what they do. In the process they learn and grow together as a team. Azizi Bank does not talk about a 'job' but a ‘career', and a great one at that.

Every employee has the opportunity to proactively contribute in the ongoing process of building a world-class organization and making a meaningful contribution to the organization and to the society at large. We consciously work to offer challenging opportunities for our prospective employees to contribute and partner with us as we script this success story. Amongst other, we promise 'food for thought and action' for the young and creative minds with an unquenchable thirst for excellence.

The HR philosophy at Azizi Bank firmly believes that people are essentially value driven, emphatic, rational and motivated beings whose natural inclination is to live and act upon the dictates of their conscience.  The purpose of their endeavors can be summed up as enlightened self-concern, constantly adding value in order to remain a resource to self and others.

Azizi Bank believes in providing an opportunity to each person in the organization to self-actualize, so that the potential of our employees can be released and channelized to maintain and sustain leadership and competitiveness in it’s chosen sphere of activities. In doing so, it gives substance and meaning to the belief that our Human Resources is our most valued asset.

The enormous responsibility thrust upon us as trustees of society guides our action towards ensuring continuous recognition, encouragement, nurturance and development of our people.

Our Human Resource Management process and systems therefore, aims to manifest themselves in practices that are:

  • Equitable,  firm but fair
  • Enabling to make things happen
  • Quality and merit-oriented
  • Democratic and participative and competitive

 In our endeavor to provide a People’s Focus to our actions and belief, we provide:

  • Freedom of choice and expression
  • Environment for individual drive and growth
  • Room for innovation and creativity
  • Acceptance of risk-taking, and
  • A congenial work place

We believe that our people will rise to great heights of motivation and actions when involved with issues and goals larger than their individual concerns. This enlightened perspective will ensure that the Bank through its people and actions represents the best tradition of good corporate citizenship.  We will therefore strive in our efforts to create an environment that will make our employees cultivate the highest ideals in business and civic tradition.

As an organization with a global outlook, Azizi Bank commits itself to imbibing the best practices in dealing with people.  Simplicity, discipline, compassion, ethics amongst others are a few that we cherish and hold dear to our hearts. We will together continue to ensure that we have an enduring ‘business institution’ in which people will experience ‘membership beyond just employment’.

About Our People and Practices

Talent Acquisition, employee retention and employee recognition are strategic priorities for Azizi Bank. The processes followed by the Bank in the recruitment, training and management of employee performance are constantly evolved to cater to this strategic intent.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

We work through multiple channels and agencies within the country and across the globe to attract and acquire the best talent. Our selection processes elaborately cover assessment of technical, verbal, written and behavioral competencies, to ensure the right fit to the culture and role available in the organization. As with the other functions of our business, our Human Resources (HR) department too has a keen understanding of the business and sensitive to the information that our employees deal with. Safeguarding this information therefore becomes a critical part of our HR activities.

The measures listed below illustrate HR’s involvement in ensuring information security:

  • No employee, irrespective of level or function, is allowed to join the organization without a clear background verification check
  • Senior managers at new locations are usually deputed from existing operations
  • All staff are also hired after detailed history checks, guarantors and frequently rotated
  • Regular employees are also rotated within different operational areas
  • All employees are mandated to maintain complete confidentiality of all information they would have access to, during their work. They are well aware that there is zero tolerance for any effort to influence decision on an application.

Training Practices

Azizi Bank stands committed to the current and future development of staff skills, expertise and ability in support of the Bank’s strategy, business objectives, operational plans and also the job and career related goals of it’s employees. The Bank recognizes that effective staff development is not only vital to meet the future goals and ambitions but also makes to an essential contribution to the development of a responsible, supportive and well managed organization.

In addition to providing mandatory training to its staff, encompassing areas of core Banking policies, processes and methodology governing the Bank’s products and services, specific needs based programs covering Customer Service orientation, supervisory skills and leadership development etc. are also conducted across the Bank’s offices and branches, and in local language as required. Reaching out to our vast employee base spread across the country is a challenge that Azizi Bank is tackling by leveraging on technology. In an effort to address this, all our new programs are being developed in an e-Iearning format to ensure a wider reach. We partner with leading organizations like AIBF and other Universities / business schools to provide management insights, analytical opportunities and to enable the participants to think business.  

Talent Management

It is our endeavor to provide our employees an environment that encourages continuous learning and regular performance feedback, the Performance Management System and Succession Planning Model contribute significantly in the identification and nurturing of its high performers in the organization. Clearly defined performance metrics and potential assessment mechanisms, align with those of the customers’ needs and the organization’s requirements. Customer satisfaction indices, information security standards, application processing timings and error rates are few such illustrations of this alignment. Recognition plays a critical role at AZIZI BANK and our Rewards and Recognition programs empower our managers to recognize and appreciate contributions of their teams and the team members in a timely manner. We equally understand the importance of having an integrated employee information systems, hence our HRMS application enables us to manage and track data and people processes across the organization.

Diversity and Scale

Azizi Bank is proud to work in diverse cultural environments and to have successfully developed talent from various backgrounds in the geography in which it operates. The Human Resources team envisages becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’ and is committed to providing best in class services to employees from different background and nationalities through its HR Business Advisors and the HR Centre of Expertise.

‘Strategic Partners in achieving Workforce Excellence’

At Azizi Bank, ‘people’ are our greatest pride and resource.

For any enquiries, please contact the mentioned person below.

Ms. Madina Nemat

Deputy Human Resources Department

Azizi Bank Head Office

Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone: 0093 (0) 797 999 978


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